Junior Prom

See why I call her Princess? To see more pictures check out Abbie’s blog over the next couple days.


2 thoughts on “Junior Prom

  1. I already commented on these in person but I will on here too just cuz I know you’d like it – really your sons should be commenting though, what are they thinking?! You could do what my dad does and call them to make sure they’ve read it if they don’t comment within 2 days of a new post. Anyway, Abbie is beautiful, very very. It was a delight to meet you this weekend and have a delicious meal at your house. If I come up again I shall bring my crocheting and we can have a party eh?

  2. Prom is silly. This one time I went to prom…well, it was really 2 times. I didn’t enjoy either of them. But I guess if you had a good time then I’m happy for you.

    PS: Don’t go to sleep…So many people die there.
    p.s. this is chaunsey

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