Summer2007 (or lack thereof)

What is the same in all these pictures?

G-R-A-Y. Gray skies. or for our canadian friends: GREY skies. L-A-C-K of SUNSHINE. (I included the floral shots just for the yellow they provide)

I’m not bitter. I don’t hate Washington. I love the greenery. “we need the rain”. But FOR CYING OUT LOUD!!! Couldn’t we have just a LITTLE bit of sunshine???? “I already feel the chill of fall in the air at night and in the early morning hours”. I say this every single year. And every year it’s a statement that offers hope and renewal and breaths of fresh air. And usually it’s after weeks of afternoons too hot to run. Too hot to take the dogs anywhere in the car. Evenings too hot to sleep. Days too hot to eat. Too hot to excercise, or work in the yard, or enjoy a picnic at the lake. Except this year. Except today. Today it is August 9. Should be the hottest day of the year. But today we were lucky if it got to 67 degrees. And it’s been like this all week. All month. I’m ready for summer. I can’t be ready for the cool evenings of the fall if I haven’t had the scorching days of summer. After last winter, all I wanted was heat. Summer. Sunshine. I’m ready. I’m ready for summer and long hot days where you can hardly breathe. Days when you go to the Fair, and you can’t wait to leave so you can go to costcutter and get bottled water for less than $5.00. Days when you work in the yard all day and at the end you want a cold shower, a colder beer, a good movie and your hunny to snuggle with…Days when you wake up on a Saturday morning at 6:30 and GET UP just to enjoy the cool air, coffee and the paper on the deck. This Saturday I anticipate wool slippers, my fleece robe, my down comforter and my tempurpedic mattress until 9:30 a.m. I miss summer.

OH…and recognize this spot???


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