I loved Halloween as a kid. Loved the pumpkin carving, loved dressing up and walking through the neighborhood. Always ended up at Grandma and Grandpa Tate’s house where we ate candy to our hearts content. Grandma let us help pass out candy to her trick or treaters. I loved it.

But I don’t love halloween anymore. It’s really not my favorite. I could breeze past it so easily if it weren’t so “in your face”. My kids all have issues around halloween because we never had a set tradition. Some years we went to the church “harvest” party. (we never actually harvested). Some years we turned off all the lights and watched a movie and hid from trick or treaters. Some years we made sure we had candy to pass out and actually answered the door for a couple hours. And there were a couple of years that we even let the kids trick or treat.

Here’s proof that we did in fact dress up occasionally.


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