This happened at Midnight on Saturday

Long Blond…(ish)

Long Auburn..(ish)

Short Auburn…(ish)

This is Abbie’s friend Sheila who came to visit for the weekend from Prosser. Don’t ask. I have no idea where this is, other than somewhere in eastern washington. But she has been a longtime youth leader and friend of Abbies and friend of mine ( I have to say that because she works for a winery there in Prosser and brings me wine when she comes). And she has been planning on being the first person to have an Abbie Haircut…but since we all know that Josh was that person, she settled for being the first GIRL to have an Abbie Haircut. It turned out beautiful. But, then again, I’m a little biased. I still have the “my kids are the cutest and most creative” bent that blinds me to any possible blunders they might commit. As far as creativity goes.

Hannah is getting her hair cut at the school tomorrow as part of Abbie’s final exams. That will be my next post.


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