Ok, Ok, Ok….already!

I can practically hear everyone yelling at me for not updating my blog for over a week! Although I really have no idea who really looks at this, every so often I get an email remarking on this or that, like my hair color, or how brave I was to look at my son’s digital cameral…or like the time Caleb got an email or phone call or something from Danny in Portland wanting to know about hitting a deer because he saw it on “your mom’s blog” (Hi Danny, come see us sometime!) otherwise I really wouldn’t know anyone ever peeked here. So, following my tuition, I mean, my INtuition…thought I better update.

Last weekend my BFF (Dad, that’s Best Friends Forever) K’Lynn and her husband Dean spent three days with us and we had a wonderful time together! They were such easy company (as you all are who have visited), but truly, it was one of my favorite weekends ever. We ate out, we ate in, we shopped, we sat in front of the fire for hours and talked, we wandered around downtown, I set up K’Lynn’s facebook page, we watched a movie…it was fun. I have miss K’Lynn all week.

I can’t show you all the pictures because there are a couple that I’m making christmas cards out of, and I’ll post those later after the 30 or so of you I”m sending them to get them. That sounds awefully tacky, I realize. But really, aren’t Christmas cards going out of style? Not everyone needs one…..

A stop at TONY’S in FAIRHAVEN for good coffee and a warm-up from the cold oustide

Walking in FAIRHAVEN in freezing cold glorious sunshine weather

Here is where we walked out and bought WILD ALASKAN SALMON right off the boat. We smoked half the salomn Sunday afternoon and BBQ’d the other half Sunday night. Yum.

Dinner at our absolute favorite: BOUNDARY BAY BREWERY with Caleb and Hannah

Kids hamming it up. I have a better pic of these four but I’m saving that one for another post!

Our attempt at the Brady Bunch??? None of these shots turned out very well. Hannah got lost.

It was cold and crisp as we trekked all over downtown looking for a good photo op



Abbie is convinced that K’Lynn and I switched her and Stacy at birth, or sometime thereafter. Abbie is more like K’Lynn than me–and Stacy has a lot of traits that seem more like I could be her mother. If only they both didn’t look exactly like us, she might have a case!

Hannah, I wish you would have modeled with abbie. Look how well the colors all go together here!! Call me. We’ll do it again!


Not Josh’s greatest picture, but the only one I got of him by himself. He wasn’t very cooperative that day!

Abbie the supermodel

As you can see, we had a great time! I look forward to the next time the Larsons come up–hopefully they’ll bring some of their girls!


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