I have a dilema. I usually take dozens of pictures each weekend, and a few during the week. I love my camera. It’s small, like a cell phone and I carry it in my purse everywhere I go. I’m never without it.

You. just. never. know.

…(when you’ll need a camera).

I’ve been perfectly happy with my little Canon powershot 6.2 megapixel. I sometimes put it in my coat pocket just so I can feel it if I put my hands in my pockets. It’s heavy for it’s size and feels solid and it takes oh so beautiful pictures.

Then, for Christmas, Rick surprised me (and I mean SURPRISED me) with the Canon SLR Digital Rebel XTI.

I can’t even put an exclamation point at the end of that sentence. There aren’t really words or exclamations points to tell how surprised and how elated I am to have this camera. I love it. Wait. I love Rick, I like my camera. Ok, I love my camera too.

The dilema comes in for me in this. I love to take pictures and I’ve dreamed of taking REALLY good pictures. Like my brother Tim takes. And I’ve taken some pretty decent ones with my little powershot, (which I am keeping and will continue to carry in my purse), but now that I have the tool I need to take those pictures, I have to learn to use it. And I’m not a very patient person. I want to know how to use it NOW. The kids all went in together and enrolled me in a class at Bellingham Technical College to learn photography, which was a far off goal I had, and now get to actually do.

In the meantime, Kristen, who also has a Canon SLR Rebel XTI, and I went to Fairhaven and had our first of 12 upcoming “Monthly Photo Shoot” dates. So, drumroll, please…the first photos ever taken on MY Canon SLR camera…


One thought on “dilema

  1. Lin, I’m not sure what your dilemma is. The pictures look great. Even if you’re impatient, seems like you do what you can now with the camera, and then take the classes. You’ll learn even more, and it’s a great opportunity for you…Cher

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