Off The Beaten Path

The Day we went on the Sunset Dinner Cruise I had to run back to the car for something, can’t remember what (a good writer would make something up here, like, my sweatshirt, my camera, my water bottle…but seriously, it doesn’t matter), and I looked out at the harbor/marina and realized we never see pictures of this in Hawaii. So I took a few minutes and in a rush snapped several shots at different angles of these boats. When I got back to our group and reveiwed what I’d taken, they were all too dark to see anything and I ALMOST deleted them from my camera. But I remembered what my photography instructor said just a week before about over exposue vs under exposure. He said if a photograph is over exposed you might as well delete it. You can’t make anything appear. But if it’s under exposed, all the information is there, you just have to know how to pull it out. So I purposefully kept these photos (and 17 others just like them) just to see if I could make anything of them.
So here is a view of an overlooked spot on the island of Kaui’i which may never have been photographed before. To be honest I had to crop the third one pretty close on the right because there was toilet paper hanging from a bush right there that pretty much ruined the picture. Hopefully, just knowing that doesn’t.


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