I’m still young, I’m still Hip, I’m still Cool

Two nights ago Matt phoned and asked Rick to go to a movie with himself and Marty. Rick was on the phone repeating “go to a show..?” with his eyebrows raised at me, trying not to sound like he was asking permission, to which I did a backward type wave hand motion which is the universal sign language sign for “PLEASE GO, get out of here and do something fun without me”. I was lying on the sofa reading a book, almost finished when Rick was going out the door an hour later. He asked what I would do while he was gone. I told him I thought he was pretty much looking at it, however, I might move the party to the tub and add a glass of wine. Two minutes later my phone rang and Kristen thought it would be fun for me to meet her and Josh at Lake Louise (for which my road is named, Louise View Drive, and NOT named after myself (Linda Louise)) where Josh could fish for a few minutes and she and I could take photos with our cameras (we have a secret photography club, which is now not quite so secret).

I immediately hung up and told the dogs we were going for a ride. Do you have Australian Shepherds? If not, let me tell you. They can learn up to 500 English words. Not dog words. ENGLISH. So, if I say, “Do you want to go for a ride?” I assure you, they KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS. (Actually, I think they hear “woof woof bark, woof bark Ride?”) And they were excited. They were barking and whining and barking to the point of almost bawling. They were wiggling their tail-less behinds frantically running from the front door to wherever I happend to be, putting on my socks, looking for my keys, putting on my shoes, looking for my keys, grabbing my coat, looking for my keys, grabbing my camera…LOOKING FOR MY KEYS…swearing under my breath that *#%#!!#@&* Rick must have both sets of Durango keys, until I looked out the window and remembered I had picked Caleb up at his new house on my way home from work, so he could have the Durango, as his car is in the shop, and I don’t even HAVE the Durango to drive to Lake Louise.

Ok, plan B…walk to the lake with the dogs; spend another 7 minutes looking for collars and leashes, all the while dogs going CRAZY because “We are going for a Ride“! Then I remember the collars and leashes are IN THE DURANGO.

Plan C: Put the dogs on the garage, and grab camera, and R-U-N down the hill to Lake Louise (it’s only about a mile), but by then it’s too dark to take photos and I’m bummed. I did find Kristen who was in the parking lot looking for me wondering what was taking so long, and then the three of us went home in Josh’s car and watched my favorite movie of all time in the whole wide world.Dan in Real Life

If I had made it to the lake 20 minutes earlier I could have gotten pictures like these:Kristen’s pictures at Lake Louise

All that to say, how many of YOU would have run down the hill at almost dark? I was actually thinking this as I ran,

“this just proves I’m not getting old, that 46 is young and impetuous, and impulsive, and spontaneous as ever…most of my friends would have said, “oh well, no car”…

…and stayed home.

Of course, they would have finished their book. And had a bath. With a glass of wine.


2 thoughts on “I’m still young, I’m still Hip, I’m still Cool

  1. Lin, you are sooo funny! You really should write a book. You make me laugh! And I can use it today – already worked 9 hours, ready to head out for 3 more!

  2. Linda! I am going to rent dan in real life tonight. it is perfect b/c i am stuck up in the house with a nasty flu bug but already stir crazy. this movie better live up to your glowing reccomendation!!!

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