Busdriver, Move That Bus

In 24 days (I know this because I hopped over to Kristen’s blog and on April 7th, she said 26 days, and I can do math) Josh leaves for his latest adventure. He is going to Alaska to drive tour bus. This is no small thing. He has been in training for several weeks now (or is it months? I’ll have to ask Kristen) and last weekend he took the test for his CDL. He’s done very well and is all ready to drive tours for mainly older people. Josh is an amazing story teller, and when there isn’t a story to be told he makes one up. When he found an antique jewelery box for Kristen for Christmas, which looked to be asian in origin, he told her a very lengthy story about it’s origins and how it ended up in the U.S. and it was thrilling and exciting, with a hero and a damsel. And when he was finished, she said “wow, really?” and he shook his head and said, “Nah, I made that up.” And really, that makes the story even better. So I have no doubt that as he is driving that bus in Alaska, when he runs out of interesting facts and folklore, he’ll just make up new folklore, and who knows? Maybe 20 or 50 years from now, other young bus drivers will be repeating legends they think are true or are part of native lore, but are really just stories Joshua Amos Atkins made up in the summer of 2008.

While Josh is in Alaska I hope he will see stuff like this:


One thought on “Busdriver, Move That Bus

  1. To answer the questions you were going to ask me, he’s been training since the beginning of February or the end of January I think, so a good two or three months. I liked the Josh picture you chose – that is such a Josh face to make. Also, I liked the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition reference in your blog title! (Or maybe twas just coincidence) Either way, you’re a witty one.

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