Pins and Needles

Hannah graduated from nursing school yesterday. She is now a registered nurse. We all went up to Trinity for the Pinning ceremony. The ceremony was very sweet and personal to each nurse graduating. And it was very inspiring. Later at dinner we were wondering the history of the Pin, so Hannah googled it, but there was surprisingly little about the history. This is what she found on Wikipedia:

“The nursing pin is a 1,000-year old symbol of service to others. The earliest ancestor of the pin dates back to the Maltese Cross, adopted by crusaders and worn on their habits as a symbol of service to Christianity. Over the centuries, variations of the crusader’s symbol were gradually modified and became family coats of arms, often symbolizing service to a ruler. By the Renaissance, guilds had adopted coats of arms symbolizing masterful service to the community. The most recent ancestor of the pin is the hospital badge of 100 years ago. It was given by the hospital school of nursing to the students to identify them as nurses who were educated to serve the health needs of society. This symbol of service involves many professional rights and responsibilities.”

Had I been thinking ahead to this post I would have taken a close up photo of Hannah’s pin, but though my children disagree, I’m always planning my next blog post. But here are a couple photos from the day including Hannah’s Grandmother Mary doing the honor of “pinning” Hannah at the ceremony. Yes, I had a lump in my throat.



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