Long Hard Day

We got Josh off to Alaska today. Last night the kids were all over for dinner and then we had a bonfire at Caleb and Hannah’s. It was very fun laughing and talking, and just plain enjoying each other’s company.


Josh, Kristen, and Abbie all slept at our house after the bonfire and this morning we left early for the airport. We chatted and laughed on the way to Seattle, but I could feel the heaviness of the goodbye that was looming in front of us. Josh was a tiny bit nervous, but easy-going, like his usual self. Abbie and I were sad to say goodbye, but it really broke my heart to watch Josh and Kristen say goodbye. It reminded me of when Caleb went to England and he and Hannah had to say goodbye for a few months. It’s hard to see our kids hurting, and Kristen, like Hannah, has been around our family so long I consider her one of mine. But just as God used Caleb’s time to strengthen and grow both himself and Hannah, I’m excited to see how this time grows Josh and how it will strengthen he and Kristen’s relationship. These girls God has brought to our sons, and to our family are blessings we are thankful for every day.



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