The Back Gate: Addendum

In response to the coments to this post:

I really wasn’t sad when I wrote this. I was introspective. Abbie had just left our house after cutting my hair. While she cut my hair I was staring at her face and thinking how beautiful she is and how grown up and how proud I am of her.  I was thinking how she is really cutting the apron strings, all on her own, but with grace and love, not out of rebellion and not turning our relationship into something painful and hard, so as to make me wish her gone.  So, it was more poignant than sad.  Just to be clear.

Oh, and also, I wasn’t stalking when I took the photo of the back gate.  Abbie and I were meeting at her house one night a week ago and she was late.  I had nothing better to do than to take photos of her yard.  It was fun.  Then we took photos at Squalicum beach.  Here’s one:

So, I’m just saying…

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