Be Very Careful What You Say

About a week and a half ago my computer was acting funny. Turning off by itself, not turning on when I wanted it to…I was on the phone with AppleCare every day for about a week. Last Tuesday I was at a women’s group, through our church, and one of the ice-breaker questions was “what could you not live without?” While some women said, “my husband”, “my children”, one even said “Jesus”, I, the older wiser of the group said “my computer”. But truly, you have to understand. I’d been having problems with it, and I don’t just BLOG on this thing. I use it for everything! It’s very sad, but this is where my brain is. And believe me, I need every brain cell I can get these days!! So, not 2 days after I flippantly declared I could not survive without it, it crashes completely, and had to go to the Apple repair place. Obviously I survived (although I think I have a couple overdue bills), and the world did not end, and I’ve learned a very valuable lesson. I can live without my Mac. But I’m so so glad to have it back! (Oh, and just for the record, I could NOT live without my husband or my children. Hmmmph.)


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