My Dogs Hate Me



And really, can you blame them?

BUT…Rick suggested this a couple weeks ago. I was completely against it. Today Abbie and I took them to Bailey’s Bath House. It’s a DIY dog grooming/bathing place. Very cool, and very cheap way to groom your dogs. We walked in the door and the owner asked if we were there to bathe them or clip them. Abbie and I looked at each other and decided on the spot to “clip” them. It really means shave them bald. Naked. Bosco turned out better than Maggie. She was so traumatized, that by the time we got to her head, we decided to make it look as symmetrical as possible and leave it.

On the way home I changed my mind. I only want to bathe them.


3 thoughts on “My Dogs Hate Me

  1. HHAHAHAH these photos made my day. Bosco looks like a little puppy. He couldnt scare anyone anymore. Thats hilarious. Theyll learn to love it when it starts getting hot. haha i cant take my eyes off.

  2. OOOOOOOOOOOH Linda- I cannot recall the last time a blog made me laugh out loud! I laughed so hard luke came in to see what was going on!! hoo hoo haaa- Poor pups. But I totally know where you’re coming from- that aussie hair is a nightmare if it gets matted- I regularly clip behind rucker’s ears to get rid of the mats, and I clip his “skirt” or hind-leg hair every few months otherwise that is like a dirtbag attached to his hind quarters that sheds dust and dirt and grime on every single thing he sits on- including the bed. But oh, the shame of being a bald aussie 🙂 They will look so cute & fluffy though as it grows back. You must document & photgraph the regrowth process. I love Maggie’s cut- she looks like a little lion. Aren’t they scrawny looking with no big mane!? ha- this made my day.

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