Bridal Shower

Sarah, our niece, is the princess of our family, mostly because she was the first girl, but also because she is all things feminine. She is pink and lace and makeup and high heels. She is pearls and diamonds and gold and perfume. And so, her shower was feminine, pink and white and gold, which is no small feat in this northwest craftsman built house of ours.

Hannah and I, with much help from Abbie and Kristen threw the shower. I think it turned out very lovely, as showers should. It turned out lovely because Abbie worked for me yesterday cleaning my house, Hannah brought all the things that make these things lovely, and All three girls helped set it up and clean it up. All I did was make coffee and cut up the fruit. These girls of mine fill in the gaps for me. All the areas where I am completely inept, making things pretty and lovely, they shine and sparkle.

Bridal showers are unique. Everything is feminine, pretty paper and bows, fine china, flowers and candles. There is a bond that happens bridging the generations and bridging the gap between the already married, the bride to be, and the other single girls who know someday it will be their turn. Womanly advice is given and received.

I was struck by the contrast when Rick and his Dad came back to the house. They walked in the front door and looked so out of place. Our house is a man’s house. It’s rugged with wood and rock work everywhere, durable and solid. Like our men. But in the midst of all the women, and all the loveliness, they were suddenly no longer in their element. It made me think of Sarah and David. David is rugged and tough. He’d rather be sitting by a campfire in the woods than in a suit in a fancy restaurant. He is as masculine as Sarah is feminine. They each bring that which God created best in them.

I had to smile.

One thought on “Bridal Shower

  1. Hooray! I love bridal showers and wedding stuff. It’s exciting! 🙂 Also, your house DID get a bit more feminine when you redid your garden with such BEAUTIFUL flowers and hanging basket(s?). But even then, it can be justified by the rockwork. It was good to see you today – hope the wine was fab.

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