even as we speak

That was actually the answer to a crossword puzzle clue in yesterday’s paper. Well, actually, the word “even” was the answer, but that’s not really what this is about.

A couple nights ago Caleb came over to help Rick start is first Yeast Starter for his first batch of Brew. As I type this out, they are upstairs Brewing. It involves much more than I ever imagined. Lots of buckets, gadgets, tubing, a big kettle; I think I saw a thermometer, some brass fittings of some sort. It’s insane.
Here is some of the beer Caleb brought over to sip on while they made the yeast starter.

And this is the yeast starter coming to a boil. It has malt extract in it. I’d never seen malt extract or tasted it. It’s thick and sticky like molasses. And sort of sweet, but not as sweet as molasses. Who knew?

Malt Extract


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