Big Adventures Road Trip

So, this past weekend Cheryl and I drove down to Mom and Dad’s for a ‘better’ visit with Mom. We arrived to find her looking amazing and sitting in her chair by the back deck where she watches her world. She’d had her hair done and looked like her old self. Dad put us to work within a couple hours, not vacuuming and dusting, not cooking, not laundry. No, he had us load 2 cords of wood into a 2-cord trailer. He helped. Some. Then in the morning he had us drive with him an hour to the customer’s house who ordered it, and had us UNload the 2 cords of wood. I’m whining with tongue in cheek. It was actually really fun and really good exercise. We were muscle sore and tired, but it felt great. Cheryl actually helped Dad load another 2 cords AND unload them while I took naps and sat around with Mom.

On Sunday Mom decided she wanted to walk out to the shop. Her first time in over a month.

Dad was sharpening his chainsaws (a good indication it was getting close to time for Cheryl and I to go home).

And on the way home on Monday, we got to see this:


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