Yesterday: a day in the life

1. On our way to Caleb and Hannah’s house for breakfast Rick pulled the car over so I could take thesse in our neighbors yard. I thought it was funny to see 2 deer lying in his yard right in front of the trees he had to fence off.

I love how he stretched out and closed his eyes just like a dog!

2. Almost to Caleb and Hannah’s, I shout, “PULL OVER!” (Rick is getting used to this) and looky what we saw!

3. On the way home from running errands last night we saw a hide-a-bed on the side of the road with a sign (sorry, no photo, too much trafic):




One thought on “Yesterday: a day in the life

  1. Wow! That is so amazing you saw the owl! We saw a bald eagle a couple weeks ago eating some poor rodent in a field on the Guide the other day. Now EVERY time we drive by the field (which is almost daily), Maddie has to tell me, “Hey Mom! There’s the field where we saw the Bald Eagle!” EVERY. day. uggg…

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