I’ve been Tagged!

I’ve been Photo tagged by my friend Lindsay! I’m supposed to get the 4th photo out of the 4th file on my computer and tell about it…


This picutre is from two summers ago when Rick and I went to LaConner for our 23rd wedding anniversary.  We stayed in this darling little Bed and Breakfast tucked back in an alley. It was called La Conner Maison, and it was the most darling little Bed and Breakfast I’ve ever seen. It used to be a chicken coop. I know. Weird. But it was so cute and small and quaint and the decor was french country.  This is the front porch, with the french doors opening out to a miniature little country garden.  Beautiful.  I remember that weekend was the first warm weather we had that summer, and it was also the annual La Conner Craft Fair. We spent the weekend strolling around town, browsing through our favorite shops, browsing through the craft fair, reading, sleeping, eating in the resaurants that we love there. One of the best things about the weekend was we were a month and a half into building our house and for 2 and a half days we took a break from all of that. It was just Rick and I enjoying time together and remembering why we liked each other in the first place.

I am tagging:
Bill Wertz
Michelle Middlebrooks


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