Still Going Strong

Mom and Dad
Mom and Dad

Last summer I wrote about my mom’s heart surgery and the touch and go situation she found herself in for a short time. I learned a lot about Mom through that experience. Actually, I learned a lot about both Mom and Dad during that week of surgery, and then the weeks following.

While Mom was still in the ICU and then after, when she was in her own room, I saw a side of Dad I’d never seen before. He was doting, attentive, romantic, loving toward Mom in a mushy gushy way that he usually kept from us kids. He told her how pretty she is, how proud he was of her. He stroked her hair, kissed her cheeks, held her hand.

Before this whole thing came about Mom and Dad had planned a cruise with Dad’s brothers. The question hung in the air, would they be able to go with Mom’s health issues now? Would she be strong enough? I saw a strength and a determination in Mom in the months since her surgery that I didn’t know she had. She was so determined to go on that cruise, to have a great time with everyone, to be Dad’s companion on another adventure.

Last week after they returned from their very successful trip (success=mom didn’t gain a single pound, the weather was perfect, and they had a wonderful time) Dad emailed this picture taken of them at dinner one evening. He said “I think Mother looks beautiful”.

I think so too.


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