Trumpeter Swans

I’m a little disappointed in myself. Rick and I have been looking for the swans on the weekends, and hadn’t had any luck until yesterday. Actually, Rick had been out Mt. Baker Highway during the week and spotted a field with a couple hundred swans feeding, so that’s where he took me yesterday morning. There were a few dozen in the field when we arrived with more flying in over the next 30-45 minutes that we took pictures. Rick knocked on the door of the house next to the field and asked the couple who lived there if we could cross their yard to take photos. They were very nice and friendly and said, of course we could. They only asked that we try not to spook them because they love sitting in their living room watching them all day.

I wasn’t afraid of spooking them. I was afraid of being attacked by them! There is a christian conference center out a little further where a mating pair of swans make their home each year, and I have been chased by them several times. They are very territorial. So, here we are, in a field of swans, with new couples arriving every few minutes, and although I took a hundred pictures, I was too afraid to get close enough to get some REALLY good detail shots. Here are a few that I like:

They come in pairs and they fly in tandem
They come in pairs and they fly in tandem


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