A little Birdie told me…

Ok, stupid title.

I know.  And after all is said and done, and you get to the end of this post, you’ll understand…that as titles go, I Got Nothin’.

But, remember, I’m having a hard time right now. (See last post).
Today on our walk, Carrie and I came upon a bunch of these little tiny birds feeding on something in the middle of the path. They were really quick and flighty, but not in a rush to leave their feeding and they actually let us get quite close to take photos.

You can’t tell by the picture, but we were walking in snow. It snowed here in Bellingham last night, 7 inches at our house! The forecast kept calling for more snow but the clouds disappeared and the skies were beautifully blue and vibrant. The sun actually felt warm, although it was only 30 degrees.

I was thinking today while enjoying the beauty of the sun and the snow (yes, I just said it. It really was pretty, but I still officially am done with winter) that I should make a list of the things I’m thankful for and looking forward to. You know, just an exercise in faith, knowing that God is still God, He is in control, and He is still all that is Good.
So, here’s what I have so far:
1. I have the most loyal and faithful and loving husband. He makes dinner most weeknights, and what woman wouldn’t be thankful for that?? He makes me feel feminine and beautiful and tells me he loves me every day. AND he makes me laugh. Which is almost as important as those other things.

Rick, trying to improve my still shot of candles and wine glass
Rick, trying to improve my still shot of candles and wine glass

2. My girls are the most beautiful and loving and thoughtful girls a family could ask for and my life is full of beauty and joy and all things feminine because of them.

3. Caleb and Josh are 2 of the funniest human beings alive. Especially when they are together. Actually, they’re just obnoxious, but they make me laugh. They are both kind and loving and incredibly smart men.

This photo is courtesy of Michele Waite Photography (see my links)

4. I have a reason to be knitting things like this:

5. In a couple weeks my sister Cheryl and I are taking another road trip to see Mom and Dad. I love taking long weekends with Cheryl. She’s the oldest child of 5, I’m the middle child, and the younger sister. This birth order works perfectly for our trips. She likes to plan and do the driving. I like to follow her around and be the entertainment.

6. I’m thankful that Mom is still with us and we get another weekend to spend talking, laughing, playing games, working on whatever projects she needs done.

7. The journey God has lead us on over the last few years has had a theme of rebuilding broken relationships, and He continually brings people back into our lives with whom we have lost contact, or with whom we’ve had a break in relationship for whatever reason. I am so grateful for the friends God has brought into the tapestry of our lives, friends, who along with our family and extended families create a richness, a belonging, a community.

8.  I am so thankful that God has enough grace for me.  That he meets me where I am, He comes to us in our messes, and picks us up and dusts us off and pours new life into us.  He is the Giver of Hope, the Bringer of Springtime.   And He knew how much we would need the spring.



3 thoughts on “A little Birdie told me…

  1. Thanks, Cheryl. Caleb let me borrow his fish-eye lens, which doesn’t actually fit my lens, and I need to find an adapter for it, but I just hold it up to my lens with one hand and snap. I’ll show you in 11 days. Not that I’m counting.

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