Museum Of Glass, Tacoma

I don’t ever remember hearing about this museum before, but last Monday Abbie and I went to Tacoma where she took her State Board Exams for cosmetology. Actually, she took the exams in Fife, but many people reading this would think I must have type-o’d that word, so Tacoma sounds better. While Abbie was testing I went for a drive, and stumbled upon this amazing and enchanting area in downtown Tacoma. The museum was closed, as it is only open Wednesday through Sunday until after Memorial day, but there was plenty to see and do outside, so I was happy as a clam. At high tide, I think it goes…I do plan on going back down with Rick soon to go inside the museum.
This is the Chihuly Bridge of Glass, a pedestrian walkway connecting downtown with the waterfront.
Another view of the Bridge of Glass
Along one wall of the walkway are these pieces being shown, right out there in the open! They are gorgeous!
A close up of one of the pieces

And the ceiling of the walkway clear glass with thousands of pieces of blown glass on top, seemingly just scattered about. It give the feeling of being in an unerwater aquarium. Just AMAZING!!




Once Abbie was finished testing we had a couple hours until she could get her score, so I took her back across the bridge to show her this walkway. She talked me into laying on my back inside the walkway to get the pictures above. I’m glad I did, although it wasn’t very sanitary.

Abbie did great on her exams and she is so relieved to have it finished! This photo pretty much sums up how she felt after all the adrenaline of the morning has worn off:


One thought on “Museum Of Glass, Tacoma

  1. I always wanted to go to this Chilhuly exhibit when we lived up there but never got the chance! Now I wished I had. Maybe we could make a date to meet there this summer:)

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