It’s a Wonderful Life

I have been putting off writing this post for a long time. This is another one of those blog posts that makes me cringe. The thought of writing it makes me shudder. I’d much rather write something funny, or inspiring, or toss up a couple photos from the weekend to show how fun and interesting our lives are, or, better yet photos of our gorgeous children to show what lucky parents we are.

So…here’s the thing. We have a couple serious prayer requests, and these are seriously serious:

1.  Rick needs a new job.

2.  We need to sell our house.

We actually have a deadline of August 17th. If we haven’t sold our house by then, it is very likely that we will become one of those ambiguous families out there that we have all been reading about who have been grossly effected by our economy and are losing their homes.

I was talking with my Dad the other day and I was saying that we have reached the point that we need to start asking people to pray for us. As a christian, I was a bit convicted when I said this. Shouldn’t this be the FIRST thing we do, instead of the last resort?? I’m seriously humbled that we’ve gotten away from our interdependence on the Lord and on each other. The thing is, and this is what I said to Dad, asking for prayer for something like this, something big, like a buyer for our house, (as opposed to healing for my allergies, or my dog’s indigestion) feels so much like asking for help, and that’s just so…humbling.

I’m not asking for a job for Rick from anyone reading this, and I’m not asking for money or anyone reading this to buy our house. And, I’m not asking for pity, or sympathy.

I AM asking that if you read this and you believe in prayer, would you please pray that God would provide these 2 things for us?

A job and a buyer.

If you belong to a church or a small group, please ask your friends to pray for us as well. 

I was picturing us at the other end of this trial the other night, and I remembered the final scene of It’s a Wonderful Life when George Bailey has been given the gift of seeing what his life would have been like if he hadn’t been born.  We always remember that last scene when all his friends, family, and community file through his living room donating all the cash they can scrounge up, “I’ve been saving this up for a divorce, if’n I ever get me a husband!” (who can forget that line?)  But the thing is, George had his God encounter long before all those people started showing up with cash!  He had already been revived and given the gift of knowing what’s important.

I feel a little like that too.

I love my house.  Anyone who reads my blog knows that.  I started this blog to document our building this house.  But the truth is, it’s just a house.  It’s just sticks and brick and mortar.  And, yes it represents something to Rick and I, something we built together after going through some tough times, but in the end…it’s still just stuff, and what really matters is what’s inside.  The man and woman who live here and the people around us we call family and friends.  So, yes, there is a little sadness in looking toward moving.  But when we do move, I still get the man.  And the family.  And the friends.

So, for now, please pray for someone to come along who loves this house as much as we do and who wants to buy it.

And please pray for Rick as he continues to search for a job, and for God to continue to show Himself to us, whether through beach balls hitting us in the heads, or through His perfect timing, providing for us in ways we would never have thought of on our own.

And this weekend I’ll look forward to posting photos from the very fun and interesting weekend we have and of our beautiful kids and future grandchild, and even our noisy and rambunctious dogs!


4 thoughts on “It’s a Wonderful Life

  1. Linda,
    This is s beautifully written. Thank you for sharing you heart and asking for your community to support you and Rick through this. It IS humbling but how amazing that you don’t have to go it alone. We love you guys, dearly and will continue to pray and ask God to reveal his will for you. (and if I have a dream, I’ll call you :0) )

  2. Hi Linda,
    Thank you for your post! I will certainly be a prayer warrior for you. I will pass along the request as well. I admire you for showing humbleness in writing your request. I am a firm bliever in this and have very recent proof it works.
    Very short and sweet, here’s what happened. A month ago, we came home (of 5 years) to find a letter tacked to our home. It stated our home was in default! (We are renters.) Turns out our landlord had been taking our money for almost a year and not paying the bank. We had less than 60 days to “get out”
    “SO UNFAIR!” we cried. We did not think we would be affected by the ecomony lapse. We were broke. Flat broke with horrible credit and not great jobs. No clue what to do. We fussed and moaned for weeks. When the pastor said for the congregation to write our prayer requests on the communication card, I simply let it pass. I could handle this myself. Next week, same thing.
    Then things were going from bad to worse. I said “Fine!” to myself, humbly and emabarrased, wrote our situation on the card. I received a phone call that Tuesday saying the prayer team was praying hard for us. On Wednesday, we found out Brian (my husband) had won a contest to go to the NBA finals for a chance to win $50, 000. That was last week. God blessed us by having us win the money!
    I truly believe it was all because we decided to give our situation to the Lord AND our Christian family. The Lord is amazing and constantly working. He never sleeps. So tonight allow yourself to sleep well and know you have the Father working overtime!
    We love you guys so much!
    ~Jennifer Hartman

  3. Linda I love your honesty and transparency!! You know we will be praying for you guys and can’t wait to see what God has in mind for you guys!! You are so right that it is just a house your HOME will always go wherever you go and be wherever you are!. love you guys lots!!

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