God is good.

On June 2nd I put out a plea for prayer for Rick and I. So many people called or emailed or texted me within hours of that post assuring us they would pray. Over the next few days I noticed that I felt lighter and more joyful, less sad and less anxious about our future.

In a conversation with Cheryl, my big sister, I told her I felt like Moses must have while Joshua fought the Amalikites. As long his his hands were raised to the sky the Israelites were winning, but whenever he lowered his hands the Amalekites were winning. When he became too tired to keep his hands in the air, he sat on a rock and Aaron and Hur held his hands up for him, he remained steady, and the israelites won the battle. I had this feeling of peace and rest like I hadn’t had in weeks. And I just knew in my heart it was because people were praying for us. Rick and I were no longer alone. I could sleep at night because somewhere someone else who couldn’t sleep was raising us up to God. I told Cheryl, nothing has changed, we don’t have any answers, but I have peace.

I went into that week with a sense of anticipation, of waiting to see what God would do, to see how He would answer the prayers of so many people on our behalf, and that week, although I wasn’t looking for a new job I received a call out of the blue from a former boss asking if I would be interested in a full time position, still in medical billing, but in a different specialty, with a schedule that would allow me 3 days off every week, and in a healthier work environment. After a casual interview with her and her boss I accepted the job offer and just finished my first week.

That same week Rick accepted a job with Mutual of Omaha as an agent. He left the company he had started with in the insurance industry and is taking this job which has a salary to start. Although this won’t be enough initially to save our home, it is a huge relief and will allow us to catch up on everything else.

The other thing that happened within a couple days of my last post, was a phone call from a realtor saying she had a family here from Texas who wanted to see our home. I knew, JUST KNEW in my heart that this was the family who would love our home and make an offer right away. That afternoon I started mentally composing the update I would make on my blog and thank everyone who’d prayed and of course give all the thanks and praise and glory to God. I never wrote down a word of that post, but as I recall it was quite eloquent, and probably some of my best writing. Bummer you can’t read it. We’ve never heard from that realtor what her clients thought, and we never received an offer.

My mom asked why I hadn’t written about these new events in our lives. I had to admit that it’s because although we know God is God and He will do what He will, I really had hoped and thought that this would have been one of those fairytale stories in which I get to post an update full of good news and joy and call for celebration as God was faithful to fulfill His promises and provide for us what we’ve asked according to our faith!

The thing is. The thing is. Well, the thing IS… God is not a Genie in a Bottle. We don’t rub a magic lamp and get our 3 wishes. We offer Him our worries and anxieties because He cares for us. And He gives us whatever we ask for….?

No. That’s not it. With thanksgiving in our hearts we present our requests to Him and His peace, which is above all understanding guards our hearts and our minds in Christ Jesus.

And that, my friends is what has happened. God has guarded our hearts. He has protected our minds in this utter chaos of our culture and economic times, and He is protecting us.

The level of stress we could be under from this would typically decimate many, if not MOST marriages. But God has protected us from laying blame on each other. We have continued to look for things we loved to do together and have continued to cultivate and enjoy relationships with others with whom we enjoy much laughter and heartfelt conversations. We are taking up running again and together prod each other to excel in our health and fitness levels. Together we hunt out potential photo ops, read good books, watch good movies, and enjoy the comradeship that 26 years together gives us! We find great joy in the company of our children and look forward with GREAT joy and excitement to the birth of Caleb and Hannah’s baby Nora. Although it feels we are on the brink of destruction, our lives are full and rich and blessed.

I’m saying all of this to say this:

God is great.
God is good.
Let us thank Him for our food.


3 thoughts on “God is good.

  1. Linda, this is beautiful. You say things the way they are, without sounding too “religious” – you know what I mean. You have such a gift – your words help me and I so appreciate them.

  2. Linda,
    I’m totally enjoying your blog and am being really blessed by it. Thank you. I so appreciate your honesty and have learned from your reflections. I am keeping you and Rick in my prayers so you can add another member to the large group of people who are raising their hands on your behalf.
    Big hug to you,
    Angela Laing

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