The Good Old Days

I’ve been working on a project. It’s much bigger and more time consuming than I anticipated. I am converting all of my parents photos to digital. I had the slides done at Costco, and although they do a great job, they leave the restoration up to me. And then there’s the prints I’ve been scanning and restoring. It’s fun, it’s therapeutic, but I’m in such a darned hurry! I had an expectation of myself that I’d have the project done within a couple weeks, and could present the photos in book form to my parents.

Plan B: If you’ll all indulge me, and my Mother, for a few posts, I’d like to share some of the photos here for my Mom to see. She doesn’t do much on the computer, but one thing she can do is click the shortcut to my blog that Dad put on the desktop, so in between all my regular posts you may begin to see old photographs from my childhood and before. If it bores you, I understand. But Mom will love it, and so will my brothers and my sister.



Mom, Grandma Jo, and Diane
Mom, Grandma Jo, and Diane
Mom and Diane with someone I don't know
Mom and Diane with someone I don't know

Mom, who is this man? It’s not Grandpa, is it? And it’s you on the left, correct?

As I post more photos of my Mom and Diane you’ll notice that they always dressed alike. Mom tells a story of a time when Grandma was so tired of the twins dressing the same that she took them each shopping individually and had them pick out several outfits.The way I remember hearing it, she kept the girls apart until they’d made their selections.   After that day she gave up. They had both picked out the exact same things!


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