Good Idea

Last night I texted Dad and told him to look at my blog.  He called me a few minutes later and we spent the next 30-45 minutes on the phone, the 3 of us, Mom and Dad and I.  I felt like a kid again, back in our little house on Carl Road.  Mom and Dad told the stories of the photos, filled in the blanks.  I emailed them several others while we talked and we discussed those photos too.

When we were kids growing up in Oregon a 2 or 3 times a year on a Friday or Saturday when nothing else was going on, we’d say, “Let’s have a slid-show tonight!”  And we’d pop popcorn and turn off the lights, and Dad would start organizing the slides.  We’d have sleeping bags or blankets on the floor and lay down and watch the familiar pictures on the screen and listen to Mom and Dad tell the stories.  We’d laugh, we’d talk, we’d remember, and it always ended way too soon, and we’d be shooed off to bed.  Last night was like that with just a few pictures.  Dad would say, “oh, yes!  That was over at….”  or   “Now, Donna, wasn’t that the time we…?”  And Mom remembered everything and everyone and who was who and kept it all straight for us.

And this morning when I talked to Mom, she said how much fun she had on the phone just talking about the old pictures.  So…it was a good idea afterall.



Cheryl and Mom
Cheryl and Mom
Looks like a baby shower!
Looks like a baby shower!
Young Love
Young Love

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