My Friend Ursela

You know how you have friends who move away, or you’ve moved away, and somehow, in the busyness of life you lose touch for a short time?  And sometimes that short time drags on and turns into a long time?  Well, my friend Ursela and her husband Tim came up to Bellingham this weekend with their kids.  Their son was in a soccer tournament up here and lucky for us, this is the big ending weekend of the NW Washington Fair, so there were no vacancies to be had anywhere and they had no choice but to stay with us.  We had a wonderful time reconnecting and reminiscing.  Ursela married a man who is rock solid in his faith and in his leadership of their family.  They are both amazing parents who are raising incredible kids who are smart and funny and engaging.  They are mature enough to carry on a conversation with adults, but have a charm and innocence about them that you don’t see often.  AJ plays soccer, Erin is a ballerina.  They study latin.  Erin looks like her mom with her dad’s coloring.  AJ looks like his dad. But he’s blonde like Ursela.

I met Urs when Caleb was 6 months old.  One of his first words was Urs-da-da.  Ursela was there when Josh was born.  And Abbie was the flower girl at her wedding.    Ursela has an amazing laugh that sounds like a bubbling brook.  It’s high and loud and contagious.  A few years ago Rick and I were involved in the Hood To Coast Relay, he doing the run, and I doing the Portland to Coast Walking Relay.  Somewhere in the high mountain coastal range in the middle of the night at a rest station where food and drink was available, I was walking to the outhouses and heard Ursela’s laugh.  I spun around and looked and walked toward a group of ladies who were talking and there she was!  I hadn’t seen her in a few years by that time, but I knew that laugh, and only one person sounds like that!  And there she was!  We hugged and laughed and talked.

And then we lost track of each other again.  Until Facebook.

And a couple weeks ago she facebooked me and told me there was no room in the inn this weekend.   Thank God.  I love when He arranges things like that.  Why our city would plan a soccer tournament and a big motocross event the same time as the fair is beyond me…but thank God they did!  While AJ’s teammates and their parents stayed in the dorms at Westen or at a local campground Tim and Ursela and AJ and Erin stayed here with us.

I’m the lucky one.



Erin giving her friend a piggy back ride
Erin giving her friend a piggy back ride



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