My little brother got married.

Last week on Friday morning I met Anna Emerson.

On Saturday she married my brother.

I had the extreme pleasure of being closely involved in their day by taking their pictures.  I was able to watch Anna get ready with her mom.  I got to be up close and personal when Tim saw her for the first time that day.   It was my very deep honor to walk beside them both all day through each of their moments.  Seeing Tim so happy was moving beyond words.  Watching him host a party the night before gave me a whole new perspective of him.  Seeing him attend to his bride and lovingly gaze at her brought tears to my eyes.  Seeing him as a whole person with his other half, finally by his side gave me peace.

Being able to observe Anna during what could be a very stressful day, proved to me that Tim has chosen well.  As a bride, Anna was sweet and kind and patient.  She was respectful to her parents and to mine.  She was loving to her maids, and adoring of Tim.  She was elegant and beautiful, and calm.

Anna and  Tim have brought to each other the fullness and joy of companionship, and I  wish them both a lifetime of love and happiness.

It was a lovely day, and I thank you both for  letting me be a part of it.








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