Things That Make You Think

Going through my family’s old slides has been fun, rewarding, educational, and thought provoking. Occassionally I come across a photo that makes me scratch my head and go,”huh?” Like this one:
First, WHO is sleeping on the cot outside? And my Grandma poking her head out the car…What the? Did my mom’s family go through a homeless period that they forgot to tell me about?

And in this one, that is my aunt Diane on the left, but that is NOT my mother, her twin on the right. So, WHO WORE MY MOTHER’S DRESS???
AND, furthermore, why don’t we wear dresses like this anymore?

On a more serious note, this is my cousin Steve. I didn’t know he golfed at age 7. But I did know he was darling, red-haired, and he and his sister Kathy were very close to my parents. Steve passed away 28 days ago. And although I remember seeing him at a couple family gatherings, I never knew him. He lived in the Puget Sound his whole life, and I have lived between Portland and Bellingham all of mine. And I didn’t know him. I think that’s tragic.


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