Holiday Catch Up

I have been writing a New Years post in my head over the past couple days, and I really want to get to it, but since I’ve neglected my blog for 2 weeks and have not even mentioned Christmas yet, here’s what our Christmas held:

First, proof that my house started out the holiday in pristine condition:

On December 17th we hosted Rick’s office Christmas party.

December 19th we hosted the Atkins Christmas Brunch.  We missed Philip, Paul, and Lynsey, but everyone else was there.

On December 23rd my parents arrived. They stayed for 5 days. We did a lot of this:IMG_1920.JPGIMG_1918.JPG

And we ate a lot of this:

Maggie and Bosco made sure Mom was warm and loved every waking minute:


On Christmas Eve Caleb and Hannah and Nora came and we enjoyed visiting, opening gifts, and eating.
Great Grandma and Great Grandpa meet Nora

Mom and Dad open their gift from Cheryl and I. Cheryl skyped in to watch!


On December 27th My sister’s family all came up to visit and see Mom and Dad:
Cheryl with Sarah and Megan

Rick showing Thomas the pretty lights and ornaments. Thomas is one week older than Nora.

As always, Christmas was exhausting. But not in the usual way for me. Usually I’m wiped out from all the running around, shopping, baking, trying to make it all happen. Since we scaled back Christmas gifts this year, even more than last year, I never once got caught in the rush and traffic and mayhem. I never even had to set foot in the mall! The only baking I did this year was one pan of fudge on Christmas day. Instead of wearing ourselves out running around, we wore ourselves out spending so much time with people we love. It’s a much better kind of exhaustion!


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