Year 2010: Bring it On!

We started the new year out right last night. We spent the evening with good friends playing a rousing game of WhovilleOpoly and Yours Truly won!

I don’t know what it is. But for some reason I feel really optimistic about this new year!

Last year on this day I was fine, we’d come through a pretty rough year and survived, and I remember feeling hopeful and feeling that surely things would be vastly improved within the year. But I also felt a bit cautious and refused to make New Years Resolutions. I think we were mostly feeling beat up and tired. And a bit leery of hoping for too much good to happen, lest we be let down.

I’m sure that has nothing to do whatsoever with how the year went, which as I look back over my blogging and my photos, has not been a terrible year at all.

We spent TONS of time with friends and family.
We became grandparents.
We’ve stayed in our house.
We saw my brother get married.
We learned that I like oysters. A lot.
We both got new jobs, which we like, with people we’ve become friends with.
We’ve both worked to improve on our art.
We found a church we like very much.

However, we have let some things go in the midst of all that is good. We’ve stopped working out. We’ve both gotten a bit squishy around the middle and recent blood work confirmed that Rick can no longer pretend he is not in a heart disease family. The other night while visiting with friends we were remembering that up until a couple years ago our workouts were so important to us that everything else got scheduled around them. Now we’ve let exercise take a back seat to absolutely everything else.

No longer.

We don’t know what 2010 has in store for us and for our family, but I’ve decided that we can begin to live in a way that is On Purpose. I’m tired of just letting stuff happen to us and going along with “whatever”. There is plenty that is outside of our control, so we are going to take control of what we can!

And so, for Christmas I gave Rick a gym membership. He’d let his membership expire last summer and it didn’t seem like a big deal since we hadn’t gone in ages, maybe a year or two. But now, after seeing his cholesterol count, and both of our widening girths, we are BACK BABY!!

Rick turns 50 this summer. I will turn 50 in 2 years. I’m thinking 50 is the new 40. And I think our 50’s should be our best years so far! And we are going to start that decade in the best shape that we can if I have anything to say about it.

And I do.
Just ask Rick!


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