Pioneer Woman

Some of you may have noticed the link to the right called Pioneer Woman.  I have been following this blog for a couple of years, have learned most of my photography secrets from her, ALL of my photography editing from her, and have recently even been really inspired to start cooking again, because of her blog.

I love her honesty and humor and humility.  I love her passion for family, marriage, and keeping it all in perspective.  I think her photos are amazing, her talent endless, and like the younger sister in Knotting Hill said about Julia Robert’s character, I’ve always believed that if we could just meet we could be very best friends.

When I checked her blog tonight I saw that she, my very best friend, was on Good Morning America today.

[clearspring_widget title=”A ‘Pioneer Woman’ Prepares a Feast” wid=”4ae8d36a3102598f” pid=”4b8738550faec104″ width=”332″ height=”300″ domain=””]

I’m so proud.


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