Happy (Belated) Birthday to Me

Last Saturday was my birthday and I decided I wanted to spend the day on Whidbey Island because it’s closer than Oahu and I could go for just the day. John and Debbie and Rick and I had a great day meandering around the island, checking out wineries, eating, drinking coffee, talking, laughing…It was a perfect birthday full of unplanned surprises:

1. John was talking up this little bakery “on the way” to Oak Harbor in a little town called Edison. I’ve seen the sign for Edison Washington, but I had no idea there was a TOWN! It’s more of a village really. And he talked up the bakery to the point I was pretty sure I would feel let down once we found it. But no. No let down. No way. Holy cow! Love Love Love, I’m in LOVE with this place! A pastry case filled with scones so bumpy and fat and full of berries, cinnamon rolls bursting with pecans and no icing, but you could have it put on if you liked. I meant to take a picture of the scones Rick and Debbie were eating, but I was much too busy shoving my pecan filled cinnamon roll into my mouth after snapping this. MMmmmm….

2. After leaving the bakery, Rick pulled over so I could shoot these:
(Rick is such a trooper when it comes to me and my camera)

I have no words.
Rick pointed, said, “OMG, look at that dog!”, and I grabbed my camera before the light turned green. Snapped the pic THROUGH the windshield. My favorite picture from the day.

And yes, apparently Rick does say “OMG”. It’s documented right on his facebook.

4. At one of the wineries we visited, Rick and John spent money, real quarters on this: (I didn’t think to take a picture until Rick walked out of the scene, but it was pretty funny seeing them both looking at a real genuine peep show. These machines are over 100 years old, and so are the pictures inside them. Debbie and I snuck a peek too and they were actually really cute.

5. At the same winery, the door to a garage was open and we saw this:
CordIMG_4857.jpg3 on the treeIMG_4856.jpg

6. These Herons are like 5 feet tall and weigh about as much as Abbie, and yet they roost and nest (is that redundant?) in the branches of trees! Rick and John spotted these guys flying in and landing on these branches. I can count 7 in this photo, but there were many more than that! Amazing!

7. Late in the day we happened upon this Chess Board.

And the best surprise was no surprise at all: Any day spent with good friends is a blast! Happy Birthday To Me.

Good Friends, Good Wine


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