I Heart Faces Fix-it Friday #49

This week’s Fix-It Friday’s photo for hands on editing practice:

Original Photo
My Edit

Using CS4 and Coffeeshop Actions, here’s what I did:

Opened in PS Camera Raw
Bumped up exposure to +0.25
Fill light to 7
Blacks to 12
Contrast to +14, Clarity to +16, and Vibrance to +3

Ran coffeeshop action Creamy Toffee Latte, then backed off opacity to 52%, flattened.
Ran coffeeshop Baby Powder Action just for the eyes:
Ran eye define with a soft brush at Normal/White/50% opacity, then dropped back layer opacity to 51%.
Ran bright eys with soft brush at Normal/White/20% opacity and left layer at 100% opacity.
Used burn tool on lips and hair around her face, and on the dolls eyes.


Sharpened with high pass and soft light.
Editing takes WAY longer when you’re writing every step down!


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