fix-it Friday #50

The Original:

First Edit:
4524891980_feef0d364c_b copy.jpg

Opened in Camera Raw
exposure +1.95
temp +13

in cs4
new layer channel mixer
black and white with orange
opacity to 59%
Coffee Shop Powder Room 2
~ran white whites and brushed the whites of her eyes with a soft white 5 pixel
brush at 13% opacity
~ran eye define at 100% opacity with a 4 pixel soft whit brush, but then backed off
the layer opacity to 85%
~for skin, rand soft skin with a 17pixel soft white brush at 14%
~used the filter Smart Blur at 1.0 radius and threshold of 25

I felt like smart blur made her look a little too plastic, so I saved it and then started over:
On this one I picked up before the smart blur filter, and instead used Pioneer Woman’s Boost action, then used a healing brush on the blemishes on her face.
I liked this better.

Then just for kicks and giggles I wanted to do a black and white and used Coffeeshop Classic Black and White action:
I felt like it was a little too dark, so I opened an adjustment layer and moved the slider over the first peak to the left.
Then I opened a curves level for contrast and give it the TEENSIEST little S curve.

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