Been Thinking ‘Bout You

Yesterday morning Josh and Phoebe left for Alaska.

They drove. They are out of cell range.

It’s a little unnerving knowing he’s out there. On a highway, driving, or camping by now, and we have no way to reach him.

I hate it.

And I know he’s just fine.
He’s always just fine. But see, even though I know he’s all grown up and on his own, and he’s been to Alaska twice before already, I still see him like this:

And all I can do is trust God who gave him to me in the first place to keep him safe and guard him and watch over him.

I bet I’ll get a text tomorrow asking if I can send something he forgot.


One thought on “Been Thinking ‘Bout You

  1. Boy do I know how you feel Linda at least he is not living in a “tree house” in Alaska like Jacob did!! But God will be his guide and your comforter! He will come home with stories to tell and someday soon I want to talk with you and let you know where Jacob is on his journey back to God good things are happening in his life God is good all the time! Love and miss you sista!

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