Unexpected Company

Last night I was playing around with the header on my blog, here. I’m always searching for the perfect photo for my header, and I’m never quite happy with anything. I change it about as often as I change my underwear. Ok, not as often as that, cuz I do change my underwear daily.

So like I was saying, last night I was fooling around with some combinations of photos of Rick and I and the kids, making small collages and trying them out for size in my header. I was feeling rushed, since Rick was waiting to start a movie we’d agreed on (Avatar; I slept through it, but would have like it, I’m sure), and finally just left the 5th header in as many minutes, slept through the movie, and went to bed. The header was terrible, the pictures were random, and I knew I’d be re-doing it this weekend. I didn’t like leaving it there for all the world to see, but only about 30 people visit me here at my blog every day, and they all know me pretty well, and they’re used to me changing things up pretty often, so I wasn’t worried.

But then, this morning Rick and I went to breakfast, and then the grocery store, and finally up to the fish market to buy salmon for the smoker. I get bored running errands, so I’m always glad I have my google phone. I opened up my favorite blog and sure enough a new post on
Confessions of a Pioneer Woman. For some reason, at the end of her post where she says “Here are some links to bloggers who wrote about our lovely day/night together”, the links didn’t show in my phones browser. I told Rick, “I’ll just have to wait til we get home to see if she included mine.” I secretly hoped she did, because, are you kidding? That would mean she, Ree Drummond, the Pioneer Woman, had actually READ my blog! And I secretly hoped she hadn’t because I remembered that hideous header that was sitting there at the top of my blog since last night.

I get home, check my blog stats, and assuming the same 30 people had already checked in today, which is unlikely, there were over 200 extra visits to my blog thanks to my photo-graphy instructor, cooking guru, BFF, Ree Drummond linking my blog to hers. Of course I’m flattered, and a bit full of myself, but SHOOT! That header!! Quick as a click I changed it and fluffed the pillows and straightened up the rooms a bit, just in case anyone else stops by unexpectedly!

By the way, before we left the house this morning, I was looking for my new cookbook to take in the car, knowing I needed something to look at while we drive, and couldn’t find it. Rick said, “I put it away”.

“AWAY??? What do you mean? Where would you put it?”

“With the other cookbooks”

“Um no. This is NOT just another cookbook and will not be kept in a kitchen cabinet. This belongs floating between the sofa, the coffee table, the kitchen island, and my nightstand.”

So, if you drop by my blog unexpectedly, and the header looks a little IFFY, please ignore it, and know I’m working on it.

And if you drop by my house unexpectedly, and the dusting’s not done, and the floors need to be swept, and there’s dishes in the sink, please ignore it and know I’m probably just working on my blog.


7 thoughts on “Unexpected Company

  1. Ha! I feel the same way about my copy of PW Cooks…I put it in a plastic bag when I’m using it, so it doesn’t get grease spots on it!

    I feel as privileged as you about having my blog listed on hers….blush!

    And your blog looks lovely…Whatever straightening and fluffing you did, just made it shine!

    Pleased to meet you,
    Leslie of Verbosity

  2. I found you by clicking on a comment you left in her post. I saw the word Bellingham and thought “hey she lives sorta close” and here I am. I live in Victoria, BC but shop down there whenever I can.

  3. Well hello there… I enjoy reading your blog! I have often thought of starting one myself… who knows, maybe you will inspire me as the Pioneer Woman… or otherwise known as your BFF inspires you! I think it’s rather magical and takes a very special person to have more then one BFF, don’t you? A very well rounded, mature person with lot’s of love to give! I think you and I have this in common, and a sense of …. well.. that special connection, like one may have with someone they have known forever….like their very first memories…. sigh… how special, just like you are! ❤

    1. KT–You should start a blog! I would read it every day if you did. And I think you should know that me calling PW my BFF is just me showing off. I only have one true BFF and everyone who knows me knows who that is!


  4. Hi! Thanks for adding us to your blog roll! We are honored to be some of the “Stuff My Girls Would Like”. They must have great taste! 😉 jk!
    Also, you have a very nice “spruced up” blog…..PW would be proud! Awesome photos too!!
    Cheers! Chris Ann & Kristin

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