Yogurt and Kombucha

I haven’t taken pictures yet, but my Kombucha Tea is coming along very nicely.   Rick picked up PH strips that measure down to 3 from the beer brewing store and my tea is resting nicely at about 3.4.  The only thing is the kombucha mushroom hasn’t reproduced itself yet, so I’m waiting.  Dad thinks maybe it’s not warm enough where I have it, so I moved it right in front of our propane fireplace which is always a tensy bit warmer because of the pilot light. Dad is becoming the expert on making Kombucha Tea. I told him tonight that he’s the oldest Kombucha Tea Brewer I know. I think I’ll start calling him “Kombucha Guru”.
I’ll take pictures in the next couple days of the process in the next couple days, as soon as the “baby” mushroom starts to form.

In the meantime, this weekend I plan on making this:


I haven’t told Rick yet. Could we just keep this between us for now? He really gets tired of all my little projects and experiments.


2 thoughts on “Yogurt and Kombucha

  1. This gave me a little kick in the pants. I’m going to make my yogurt tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes. And I won’t tell Rick. Promise.

  2. I had to throw away my first brew because of mold. So sad about it. I’ll have to follow along with you to see how yours turns out. =)

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