Kombucha: A Collaborative Effort

Last night I bottled my first batch of Kombucha Tea.   I had called my Dad and asked him some questions before starting. When we were saying goodbye he said he sure wished he could be here and watch me bottle my first batch.  I knew what that meant.  It meant, “I sure wish you would move your computer upstairs so I could skype in and watch you.”

10 minutes later:
Like how you can see my camera in the inset picture?  Self-portrait.  I Love it.

Just before we started:

First lesson learned:
That really thin membrane looking thing on the top is the new “baby” scoby.  It didn’t grow very big.  Probably for 2 reasons:  first because I might not have let it brew long enough, and second because I didn’t realize until this morning that you have to start with de-chlorinated water.  And Dad thought we were on a well, so he didn’t think to bring that up.

To de-chlorinate your water, let it sit on your counter for 6 hours.  Apparently the chlorine evaporates.

First step: Call husband upstairs to help with the steps so you can photograph as you go, since you already tried each step AND photographing, and it didn’t work.

Step Two:
Filter the tea through a cheese cloth, 4 layers thick:

Step Three:
Poor filtered tea through a ***funnel into cleaned and sterilized bottles:

***Before this step search high and low for your kitchen funnel. Look in each drawer and cupboard, even if you KNOW it would never be there. Look in bathrooms, because you just never know. Look outside around BBQ, again, you never know. Finally holler to husband “Do you know where my funnel is?” When he tells you “um, it was maybe, probably, really…actually, yes, commissioned for use in the garage” most likely with petroleum products, start getting creative:
A One Cup Coffee Cone works well.

Second lesson learned: hide kitchen funnel.

Now, for the Collaborative Effort part: All the while Rick and I were filtering through cheesecloth and pouring through the funnel, er, coffee cone, Dad was snapping pictures through Skype!

Third Lesson Learned, and most important of all:
Take down those Christmas lights above the kitchen cabinets! It’s almost MAY for crying out loud!

8 thoughts on “Kombucha: A Collaborative Effort

  1. Good Job! This kombucha thing is getting out of hand. Tonight I responded to someone on craigs list who wanted to talk Kombucha. I am responding to adds on same about extra shelves to store bottles and supplies. Yesterday I talked to manager at Whole Foods about their inventory, sources, etc. AND, I was up at 5:30 this morning and started processing 3 galllons that HAD to be done. I have no more space in the refirgerator to store the extra scobys!
    I am thinking of “dumpster diving” now to locate bottles.
    So much fun!!

  2. LOL I was thinking the same thing about the Christmas lights!!

    Also I was thinking how cool technology is while you are making some crazy ass tea that is probably some ancient ritual 🙂
    sound interesting but how does it taste???

  3. Tracey, it tastes really good!! I’m going to get my creative hat out of the closet and dust it off and figure out a way to get a starter SKOBY to you so when we come to Hawaii in the fall I can help you start brewing! You’ll love it! (Rick knows about Hawaii, no way to keep that one from him)

    …Crazy ass tea, my Arse!

    1. Yes, Stef! You just have to! So much fun! And if nothing else, it’s good for a conversation starter! Call Dad, he’ll set you up.


  4. I am so excited about this tea…definitely need to have a tasting party! The pictures you took were beautiful but the ones your dad took from skype I loved just because of how he captured you both looking so happy…

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