Art Show and Auction

Yesterday my niece Katie had an art show and auction to raise money for her upcoming YWAM mission.
0466 copy.jpg
Katie and her Grandma Mehan

Katie’s Grandma Atkins, my mother-in-law

Katie’s beautiful Mom, my sister-in-law Bridged who is moving to Napal, which is another blog post in the future, but which we are NOT discussing yet.

Katie’s Grandma Mehan and Katie’s Dad, my brother-in-law Marty (see above sentence about Napal) looking closely at this:

My new friend Cutzi’s darling baby. Cutzi has been friends with all the other Atkins’ in Bellingham for years, but it took The Pioneer Woman coming to Seattle to bring Cutzi and I together in a new facebook-blogging-now-real-life friendship!

A few more of Katie’s pieces:

Good Job Katie!


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