Another Fix-it Friday editing drill!
Here’s the original:

First edit:
Just for fun I thought I’d try a little tilt-shift edit:
After opening in camera raw and giving the photo an overall brightening, in photoshop cs4:
-opened quick mask mode/gradient tool/reflected gradient option
-drew a straight line beginning at the girls chin up to the top of the sign behind her
-returned to standard mode
-filter/lens blur/click ok
-image/adjustment/hue-saturation–bump up saturation to the far right
-image/contrast/very tiny S-curve for extra contrast
Flatten and done!

Second edit:
Simply ran Erin Cobb’s Vintage Color Wash Action

Third edit:
Ran Pioneer Woman’s Fresh and Colorful action, then cropped. That’s it. Done.

Last edit and took the most time, only because I felt like I was cheating again like last week:
-opened channel mixer adjustment layer in Black and White with Yellow
-in the layers palette chose screen at 100% opacity
-color balance adjustment layer, red +34, green +66, blue +100
-solid color adjustment layer, dark blue
-in layers palatte chose exclusion @ 46% opacity
Then I sharpened just a little:
-opened duplicate layer
-filter/other/high pass
-layer palette/vivid light 100%

I worked it.


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