Rules to Live By

If you’re a journaler, reading back through your old journals can be interesting, fun, and embarrassing.  “Why did I write THAT?  Must. destroy. before. I. die.” crosses  your mind here and there.

But the other night I found a treasure hidden among the nostalgia and quirky:

So glad I dated this.  Josh had been drawing in church.  On the way home I asked him what the pictures were.  As only 6 year old Josh could, he stated,

“No Stealing”

“No Drugs”

and, my favorite words of wisdom,

“No FLying Kites in Church”

Of course.  Why hadn’t I thought of that?


4 thoughts on “Rules to Live By

  1. I love this and you know I kind of think….hey what the hell let them fly kites in church cuz really they ARE the church!!

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