Dear Michelle, Thank you for your Blog Post. Love Linda

If you have never read any of the blogs that I have linked over there on the right hand side of my blog, and if you never read another blog or post I link to again, please read this one:Michelle Middlebrooks: Letters from Mom . A little background:

Michelle is the daughter-in-law of 2 of our very close friends, Dick and Sara Middlebrooks, and her mother had a stroke a couple months ago. She has been writing about helping her Dad care for her mom, and all the angst, joy, sadness, pain, laughter that comes with that job. She writes with a refreshing honesty and vulnerability that inspires us to accept ourselves and our loved ones, warts and all, in the midst of rising to the level of being a hero. I’m loving keeping up to date with Michelle, her Mom’s progress, her Dad’s coping, and all the other stuff in between. Her humor in the midst of hardship is inspiring.

So, why this post? Michelle has written other posts that have been more moving, funnier, more honest, and more vulnerable, but after reading this post earlier today, I began to think “in letters”, i.e., “Dear Starbucks baristas, thank you for making us laugh this morning when we walked up, and remembering our drinks, even though we haven’t been to Starbucks in MONTHS!”, and “Dear Abbie, I love your strength and conviction.”, and “Dear 5:00, please hurry, so I can get home to my weekned.”

So, tonight while I was bottling and brewing my next batch of Kombucha, I was thinking how thankful I am for my Dad teaching me how to do this, this Kombucha Brewing Art, and I thought, “Dear Dad, thank you for sharing Kombucha with me and with Cheryl”, and THEN it hit me:

A new blog theme. One letter a day.

Coming soon to a blog near you. Mine.


3 thoughts on “Dear Michelle, Thank you for your Blog Post. Love Linda

  1. Hee hee, thanks Linda! I feel like a superstar celebrity to be featured on your blog, which I of course enjoy and stalk shamelessly 🙂 I must say I am also enjoying Rick’s blog, though he is kinda stepping on your turf. Luke told me one time, “If I had a blog I’d call it ‘the boss hog blog'” I guess that is just b/c it rhymes? Anyhow, I’ll let my brother know, he came up with the dumb letter idea…it is addictive and catching. hugs and loves to you guys, and thanks for making my WEEK. Maybe my MONTH! 😉

  2. I did it Michelle. I started a new blog, and revamped this one. You can see the link to it under my heading, “Love, Linda”

    By the way, Rick and I are coming down in July, the day you get back from camping and staying at Dick and Sara’s. I hope I get to see you!

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