It All Ends in Fairhaven: Ski to Sea 2010

Yesterday was one of my favorite days of the year in Bellingham. Ski To Sea, or S2S as us ‘hamsters like to call it.

Once again Rick and I braved the crowds in Fairhaven to cheer in our friend, John. If you click on the link, check out the difference in the weather from last year’s event to this years! We dearly missed the sun this year, but it was still a blast, as always. And because of the intermittent sprinkles of rain, I didn’t keep my camera out and didn’t take many pictures, but I did take a few.

May 2010 036
I love this picture. Debbie looks so amused by Abbie, who is completely aware of the camera, just keeps talking. She’s so used to having my camera in her face it just doesn’t phase her anymore.

May 2010 039
This is Emily, Abbie’s new roommate. Isn’t she cute? She was a little embarrassed when I put the camera in her face. Don’t worry Honey, you’ll get used it.

May 2010 041
That’s John, the one right in front of the boat.

May 2010 044
Sorry about the slanted horizon. I hate that. But I was so focused on John, and I don’t have my normal computer with the nifty software that would fix that, so tilt your head if you need to.

May 2010 046
That’s better.

May 2010 048
Almost done

May 2010 051

May 2010 051
From here John had to get out of the kayak and run up the finishers chute and ring the bell.

May 2010 060

May 2010 056

May 2010 061

May 2010 072
We met up with John’s team at Boundary Bay Brewery where they celebrated a job well done!

3 thoughts on “It All Ends in Fairhaven: Ski to Sea 2010

  1. ok just a couple of things…no one calls it ‘S2S’ and i know what you mean by ‘hamsters, but no i will not allow this, it is much cooler to say Bellinghammer or more appropriately ‘oh i’m from bellingham’. It is, after all, the city of subdued excitement and we would much rather just go have a good brew or coffee, not try to come up with hip abbreviations for our city name.
    I tell you this for your own good
    i love you

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