May 2010 011
Don’t ask me.  No idea why I chose that title.  Except that I’m writing about my sister-in-law, Bridged, and I was looking for a clever title.  (Unless you’re a blogger, you have no idea, the pressure to come up with a quippy, catchy, clever title for you posts; it’s exhausting.)

Some background:

Bridged is married to Marty.

Marty is Rick’s youngest brother.

They live here in Bellingham.

For 9 more weeks.

Then they will live in Katmandu, Nepal.

That’s right, KATMANDU, NEPAL!  Sounds a lot like TimBukTu to me!  And I’ve been putting off talking about it or writing about it because, well, it puts that little lump in my throat, and my eyes start stinging and watering.

I don’t know much about Nepal.  I only know it is a LONG way away.

If you’ve read my blog for very long, you know that we do stuff with Marty and Bridged.  We have dinners, we watch movies, we go wine-tasting.  We drop in for coffee and stay for pickles.  They try to get us to go out dancing at 9:30 at night.  We say no.

In preparing for their new life far away from family Bridged is learning to use a digital SLR camera.  Hopefully this week she will start her blog, one way they will be able to share with us their new life in a new country.

There, see?  That wasn’t so hard.  I didn’t even shed a tear!



5 thoughts on “Un-A-Bridged

  1. OMG. You didn’t shed a tear… but you opened the flood gates here. I’ve been in denial this is all even happening. Don’t get me wrong… I’m happy for their future adventure. It’s just…. well TimBukTu is a LONG way away. The pickle pot is at my house now. We have plenty of wine. Heck, I even still have Bridged’s wine glasses from the last girl’s party. Come on over Linda. We can do the Ya Ya sisterhood cry together.

    1. I thought I told you about this Heather, but maybe not, since I’m not talking about it. Marty took a teaching job at the International School there. They put their house on the market and it sold in 3 weeks. Hmmmm…

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