Boys Will Be Boys

We try to have dinner with our friends Jim and Jan once a month, sometimes at their house, sometimes at ours. Last weekend we were at their house, and had a FABULOUS dinner that Jan made after seeing the meal cooked on The Food Network. When I say fabulous, you don’t understand. I don’t just mean, a nice meal, in a park-like setting.

I mean F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. I mean take a bite, groan. Take a bite, groan. Take a bit, groan. Seriously, every dish she made was the best food I’ve ever eaten. It actually inspired a new blog theme, but don’t roll your eyes yet. It will be a collaboration between Jan and I and It Will Be FABULOUS!

More about the meal later.

I never really know what to expect when the four of us get together. Rick and Jim just start playing, and things sometimes get out of hand. This time it was mild, but still…playing. Boys playing. Big Boys Plaing. With things like, well, like deer antlers. And fire. And chickens.
20100605 morell's dinner_0030-1
Doesn’t Rick just look so handsome in this picture? So thoughtful, so pensive? So, mature and wisened?

PULLLEEASE. Don’t be fooled. I had to “fix” that photo with my magic powers because it was really like this:
20100605 morell's dinner_0030
To be clear: I was sitting across the table and looking at how the light was playing off Rick’s face and thought ‘what a handsome husband I have. I should take his picture’, and before I could pick up my camera, Jim was reading my mind and grabbed his lighter.

Thus began a Series of Boy Antics,
20100605 morell's dinner_0031
such as the Flaming Finger…

20100605 morell's dinner_0029
…and a sorry excuse for Fire Breathing.

20100605 morell's dinner_0035
aforementioned Deer Anters…

20100605 morell's dinner_003220100605 morell's dinner_0033
…and The Chickens.

Thankfully, no one was hurt. Not even a chicken.


2 thoughts on “Boys Will Be Boys

  1. I love that men always have a little boy hidden in them, no matter what age they are…the giggling, clowing, horseplaying is part of what makes them so entertaining, and annoying. but mostly entertaining 🙂

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