Father’s Day Post #3


Rick has worn many hats throughout his life as we all have;  husband, father, friend, son, brother, pastor, manager, business owner, student, (ehem) grandfather…but the role he’s played that has most effected his life forever is that of father.

Hunka Hunka...

It is no small matter that I have always been able to trust this man with every fiber of my being with the task of being a good dad to our children.  And now, as we move into relating to our kids as adults I still have that assurance that he will always foster open communication, warm and loving relationship with them.



with pop

Rick and Caleb


Rick's birthday



With our kids I’ve watched Rick:





ride roller coasters

lay awake waiting for one to come home


humble himself and ask forgiveness

laugh until he cries



marry our son and daughter-in-law

give grace

have mercy

He’s been the buffer between mother and teenage daughter, the rescuer of boys’ cars in ditches, the voice of reason when the rest of us had none, the comforter of broken hearts, the hero in every crisis, the ironer of shirts and slacks on prom nights, the breakfast maker on Saturday mornings, the champion of his daughter, the role model for his boys.

This is the man I would choose to raise kids with all over given the choice.

Happy Father’s Day to my hunka hunka burn’n love!


4 thoughts on “Father’s Day Post #3

  1. Very nice, Linda. Thank you for sharing your adoration for Rick. You are an inspiration and a beautiful example of love & marriage.

  2. I so agree with all that you said Lin.. it’s not just lip service or just an emotional tribute on Father’s day…. but so very true.
    What a pleasure to have gotten to be such a small part, as a friend and observer. Blessed, that’s what you have all been. 🙂

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