Pondering Family

So, this blog is about family. I know, I throw photoshoots in here and there, and I brag about blog-world celebrity sitings, and I talk about dogs and friends and food and events we attend and wine and lots of other stuff, but the truth is, I and my blog are about family. My family. Or, more accurately, OUR family.

Last week I spent a TON of time thinking about the men in my life, the fathers in my life who are my number one guys, my Dad, Rick’s Dad, Rick, and Caleb. When you sit down to a computer and start focusing on the positive things about a person and writing about those qualities that you love and cherish, it makes all the other “stuff” so small and unimportant.

You know what I’m talking about. The Stuff. The stuff about each of us that drives us all nuts. We all have those things about us…I know for sure some of the things about me that drives each of these guys nuts, and there’s probably more I’m not aware of (I’m ok keeping it that way, for the record). And if I wanted to, I could list The Stuff about my men that makes me nuts.

But I choose not to because:
A. I choose to focus on the good things.
A.1. Ok, I don’t always. You can refrain from commenting now. I’m trying.
B. I made a commitment to myself that I would show people in a good light through my blog, whether in word or photo.
C. Rick has a blog now and he knows how to use it.
D. Payback is a B…ummer.

But, I digress. (I’ve always wanted to say that on my blog. This seemed like a good spot.)

When we begin listing and pondering the things about our people that we love and admire our hearts begin to open up and grow towards them. We forget offenses and squabbles. We become better people ourselves. I suppose the converse is true. When we focus on the negative things about the people in our lives, that’s all we can see and we forget all the goodness and kindness and humor and joy. And, instead of becoming better people we become bitter people.

Writing about these amazing fathers was a good exercise for me and made me start looking at everyone through the eyes of a blogger.  Made me realize there are so many more men in my life that have had an impact on me beyond just fathering me, my husband and my children.  Men like Matt, Marty, Gary, Mark, Jim, Marc, Father-to-be Tim, Dick, etc. etc. etc.  We all have these wonderful men in our lives, and I, for one am thankful for a day to recognize them beyond our normal appreciations.

So, on that note, here are a few pictures from Father’s Day:

Now THAT looks like Father’s Day

Nora with “Cuncle Philp”. We decided Cousin Philip sounds weird, but he’s not technically her uncle, therefore…

Lael, Abbie, and Megan hamming it up for the camera

More of Nora and her Cuncles Philip and Paul:


We had such a fun time and having Phil and Paul surprise us made it just perfect!


3 thoughts on “Pondering Family

  1. What great pictures and such true words. I have really needed to be reminded of focusing on the positive lately. It helps to have it written out to remind me to continue to keep that positive, loving attitude on life.

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