Slow Down. Or Else.

Everything I do, I do at warp speed.

I walk fast.

I talk fast.

I even eat fast.  Rick is always telling me to slow down at dinner.    He’s barely started when I’ve wolfed down my entire meal and ready to move on to the next item on the day’s agenda.  I’d like to think  it’s because I was the middle of 5 kids and if I didn’t eat fast I didn’t eat enough, but,  no, that’s probably not it; my parents could never get me to eat when I was a kid.

So this whole back pain thing, is really starting to cramp my style.  I know you must be bored hearing about it, but trust me, not as bored as I am living it, so just deal.  Ok?

I ventured out by myself yesterday.  I had an errand in town that needed to be done that I had to do alone, gave Rick no explanation other than that, and drove to town.  Both places I had to go, I ended up parking a thousand miles from the door, since it was the day before the 4th of July and everyone in Bellingham was getting ready for their BBQs and PicNics, and I had to walk.  Very far.  Very slowky, which I’m not used to.  Old ladies were passing me.  Young men, children, young women with babies.  All passing me on the sidewalk.  My excursion took me a couple hours, and landed me back on the sofa on ice packs the rest of the day.

I’ve read, watched  movies, organized photos, watched Foodnetwork with Rick,  and last night I got out my 3 years worth of Popular Photography Magazines to re-read and see what I missed when I hadn’t had a clue what I was doing with a camera.

All those old issues inspired me this morning to try some new edits on old photos.  An hour at my beloved iMac (Rick hates when I call my computer beloved) and I’m landed back on the sofa on an icepack with Josh’s laptop.   (and I will just say that although I would normally hate the weather we’re having, I’m thankful it’s not only gray and dreary out there but incredibly cold, and I know I’m not missing out on sunshine and warmth at all your BBQ’s and PicNics.)

But I am learning some editing techniques that I haven’t used before.


On this photo of the barn at Hovander Park in Ferndale I used steps laid out in the October 2008 PopPhoto issue to simulate Lomo photography.  I’ve used actions that mimic Lomo as well, but never step by step opening layers and mask layers.  It was a bit time consuming compared to actions, but I enjoyed the process just the same.  Especially considering I have nowhere to go and not much else I can do at the moment, and I’m trying to follow my friend Joanne’s advice and see this time as a gift from God to learn to slow down.

Now, where is the gift returns line? Just kidding! Thankful, thankful, thankful.


In this photo of white tulips I took in April I did a simple contrast technique found in Popphoto’s May 2010 issue using only the curves adjustment layer.  It was simple, fast, and effective and one I’ll  no doubt use over and over.  Loved the subtle drama it gave.


In this picture of my friend Jessica’s eyeball, I used a quick photoshop edit I found in PopPhoto’s June 2009 issue.  It was also a quick edit that I liked.  I will admit I couldn’t leave the picture alone at that, though and smoothed out her skin.  Jess is a younger woman, with flawless skin, but a shot this close is going to show crow’s feet around ANYone’s eyes.  I just couldn’t leave her that way, so I smoothed out the skin and soften her a little.  I like it.

So, now you know what I do when I slow down.  I did however get up this afternoon long to make this: Best Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever. because I told Rick I wanted chocolate cake today. Because
1. It’s the only thing that makes me feel like it’s really a holiday
2. It’s a holiday
3. I want chocolate
4. I was really craving chocolate cake and I’d been wanting to make this one.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get another ice pack out of the freezer. Actually, Rick will get it.
Happy 4th of July.
It IS July, right?


2 thoughts on “Slow Down. Or Else.

  1. I’m sorry your back is feeling so crummy. Are you seeing anyone for it?

    I love, love, love that chocolate sheet cake. If I would have known, I would have come over and we could have eaten the whole thing together. Half for you, half for me.

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